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Laughter that Heals

Numerology and Quantum Geometry
is the Soul Food for the Rebirth
of Being in its Path of Evolution


The laughter of the soul, as a tool that develops a unitary consciousness, where individualism is not worth me without first having shared. When you do it, you know you've touched a star.


The mental disconnection, especially in negative thinking or worry, so that you get a mental bonus for all those actions of life, both in the physical-mental-emotional.


Through dynamics that encourage a positive attitude through laughter. Its duration is 2 h. Directed to groups of different nature, but with the search for the same factor: joy!

The Endorphins of Happiness

If you want to fall in love or please someone do not wait for spring, make the equinox come to you, start by offering the best of your smiles. Laugh until your inner child is reborn and out. This child is now happy and wants you to exchange smiles, hugs and a series of positive actions.

The sound of laughter is a cerebral binaural action of frequency harmonization of fantastic waves that activate the hypothalamus, flowing endorphins, also called messengers of happiness. Laughter comes to change perspective and attention, opening a new dimension of hope. It is a process that heals and heals the wounds of emotional pain, helps to accept and even overcome chronic diseases. We invite you to not stop laughing daily for 5 or 10 minutes a day.

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