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Angels and Divine Particles


Numerology and Quantum Geometry, where sacred tools erase negative loops and cause you to return to the pure divine essence.


Through a one-time consultation of 2h you will get your sacred code of pure tonal key of divine angelical music.

The particles of God appear through the use of the Classical Hebrew Alphabet, formed by 22 letters of numerology and sacred geometry, constituting a parable towards the divine presence of each one of the humans; They act as photonic particles, and with the divine glance they turn Quantum

Because we speak of the Hebrew alphabet, because it acts in our spiritual perception, being its pure, divine essence, without having to go through any cleaning filter, to be Light. The union of two or more letters, or also called particles, creates what we mention angels, or geniuses, being celestial essences that come to give abundance to all humanity. In order to process the phenomenon of the particles of God, it is not enough with the mind or superior consciousness, we must foster the transition to spiritual consciousness, to obtain the golden conscience.

Numerology and Quantum Geometry
is the Soul Food for the Rebirth
of Being in its Path of Evolution


To heal the conscience through the heart is a first step, ascending our vibrations, eliminating all negative process, even the disease.


Healing Numbers