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Numerology and Quantum Geometry, is the ideal tool for you to get resolutions in your life, so that you are a new carrier that is removed from your layers of your DNA, being your divinity or


create your own prosperity in your life and in that of others


My name is Jordi Surinyac, born in the city of Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain), along my pipes, where for 9 months I gathered information to create my spiritual son "Yatzabeth", who presented him the book Numerology and Quantum Geometry.

Because? We will find it in the Hebrew alphabeth, acting in our spiritual perception, being its pure essence, so that it will not have to go through any cleaning filter, since it is divine light. The union of two or more letters, or also called particles, creates what we call angels or geniuses, being these calestial essences that have the purpose of giving abundance to humanity. In order to be able to process the phenomenon of particles of God and his consciousness, we do not have enough with the mind, with its use we will enter the spiritual until obtaining the pain.


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the purpose that constitutes one

divine presence in your life 


guide, who is Show and deliver so that you connect with the pure essence of your Soul. Your superior being is now hppy, because you know that in a simple way and with a minimum daily dedication, you will come to 


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