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"Although when everything is created, nothing remains eternal in the material field, but in the window of the universe."

Sri Brahma / Sri Vishnu / Sri Shiva (Hindu Trimurti).

Numerology and Quantum Geometry

The basis of all sacred code begins with the use of numerology, this is the first step to obtain a change of perception of reality, where the classical Hebrew alphabet has a great function as a solar alphabet, using the bare trunk numbers, being authentic channels where the divine energy of the root is perceived to give the long-awaited quantum leap. Why numerology? Because like computers, they are used as binary numbers, although in the human body their formula differs from the following base: (-1) (0) (+1), being the energetic form of an atom, the ( -1) would correspond to the electron, (0) the neutron, and the (+1) the proton. So, before matter appears, there is always energy, there are processes from which they come directly from the divine essence of God, and other processes from the hand of man, in any case when we do an action of cause and effect, it is always through the divinity in us, when we do not put the mind as a means of hindrance, that is why the particles of God, always make the process of the etheric elements, Fire, Air, Water and Earth in this order, we could speak of a fifth element that is the etheric and is created only by the good use of the elements, there are the angels, there is the divine flame that starts from the heart acting in the mind, opening the consciousness of love and gratitude. It is then that it flows and we feel that we are on the way, and when we reach the earth we finally have the fruit. So, man is the center, and that energy is (0), like Sri Vishnu, for being a kind channel. Then it will be when you enter the pranic energy, coming from the photonic source of the spiritual man. Therefore, we are Light on earth, and we must act as angels so that this same energy is correlated in the network of divine connections, in all humanity, where the spiritual man has a prominent place. Now we can talk about miracles, where your dream or illusion becomes reality, materializing, thanks to the resurgence of the Light energy. It is now, through dharmic cause and effect (spiritual action), that we will eliminate all negative karma. In humanity no one is exempt from 100% of Karma or way of Samasara (good or bad karma). But if we allow a time a day in meditation, we will obtain the frequency of the particles of God, finding the divine gift, coming out more and more of the processes of bad karma.  

"From the beginning of the cosmos, a single number appeared, container of all the information of the creation, that number is ALEF; It contains Zero, 1 and even its inverse, -1, being the formation of the atom, and the first particle of divine essence. At the same time, it expands infinite number combinations, at the root of all known existence and to know ". Archatel Metatron.