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Laughter therapy or Laughter of the Soul

Laughter therapy or laughter of the soul, is a powerful therapeutic tool for personal growth. It encourages, through the practice of voluntary or "forced" laughter, the emergence of frank, natural, spontaneous laughter, that which comes from within, from the belly. That which is since our birth and which forms the basic difference between the human species and the others. Of this laughter -which we have hidden in our interior and forgotten due to responsibilities, obligations, stress-, our quality of life and our happiness will depend. Our workshops aim to help you get that "inner child" that struggles to come to light, along with his healing laugh.

How can laughter therapy help you?

Laughter therapy has many physical and mental benefits that can be achieved with the regular practice of it. · 

· On a physical level: Laughter causes the release of hormones and endorphins that have a beneficial effect on the body. It causes relaxation, it has an anesthetic effect that helps to calm pains and inflammations, it is a good physical exercise. Improves circulation, digestion (lowers cholesterol and blood glucose) and strengthens the immune system (strengthening our defenses), the respiratory and lymphatic system.

· Emotional level: The joy makes you feel more active, more productive, raising self-esteem, avoiding lengthening duels because of the loss of people who were close, such as the death or the breakdown of a friendship or couple.


· At the mental level: Increase our flexibility, our creativity, improve the acceptance of oneself and before others. It increases our tolerance, and it helps us to forget our worries, to disinhibit ourselves, to free ourselves of complexes and mental schemes that limit us and a long etcetera.

· On a spiritual level: Even though it may seem like a paradox, it is a tangible reality, so to laugh 5 or 10 minutes would be equivalent to a 1-hour yoga meditation. You are present, you are in the now, this being the fastest way to God.

"In our workshop you can enjoy two hours of complete fun, loosening, laughing; you will live new sensations and emotions that will make you remember facets of your person that you had forgotten. You will get in touch with your inner child, who will remind you of the need to take care of you, to love you and to take your life in a different way. Because life, you also have to know "laugh".